Autumn in the Gorge
Graphite in paper, 7.5"x9", $275
Desert Solace
Graphite on vellum, 5.25"x7", $200
Western Sky
Graphite on paper, 5.5"x8", $200
Turkish Garden
Graphite on vellum, 9"x5.75", $250
Spanish Courtyard
Graphite on vellum, 11"x11.5", $450
Basalt Horse Ranch
6.5x10 graphite on paper
Costilla Creek
8x12 graphite on paper
Winter on the Frying Pan Fork
8x12 graphite on paper
7.25x10 graphite on paper
The pass is a highpoint on the road between Durango & Silverton, CO
Molas Pass
7x10 graphite on paper
aceqias run along fence lines in this valley between Ouray and Ridgefield, CO.
Ridgefield Pasture
8x8 graphite on paper
The mesas and sky of the east plains of New Mexico is breathtaking in its vastness.
Sky Over Raton
8x12 graphite on paper
The Teton wetlands run across the meadows below the mountains to the Snake River in Wyoming.
Teton Beaver Pond
8x12 graphite on paper
This drawing seeks to capture the type of lakes that run along the eastern base of the Tetons.
Teton Lake Shore
This is a playful rendition of the farms along the historic Jemez River under towering mesas.
Under Jemez Mesas
7.5x10 graphite on paper
View Across the Snake River
8x12 graphite on paper
El Nino in the Desert
Graphite on vellum, 5.25"x7", $175
Pilar Autumn
Graphite on paper, 10.25"x12", $450
Kayenta Mesas
Graphite on paper, 4"x5.25", $100
Tuscan Garden
Graphite on vellum, 11"x11", $450
Maroon Creek Bend
6.5x10 graphite on paper
Winter Cattle Ranch
6.5x10 graphite on paper
Cordova, NM
8x12 graphite on paper
Frying Pan Fork and Mount Sopris
7x10 graphite on paper
8x12 graphite on paper
This landscape is legendary in Navajo tribal and American movie narrative.image-993864-Kayenta_Cliffs_8x12-c51ce.w640.jpg
Kayenta Cliffs
8x12 graphite on paper
This image captures some of the charm found in the older neighborhoods along the Camino Real in the North Valley of Albuquerque.
North Valley Territorial
8x12 graphite on paper
The immense scale of the Sandia Range with the Rio Grande below is a challenging artistic subject.
Rio Grande Under the Sandias
9x12 graphite on paper
The geologic patterns of the powerful Sandia Range are fascinating!
Sandia Escarpment
8x12 graphite on paper
The Superstitions are shrouded in the mystery on intrigue of America's West.
Superstition Trail
8x12 graphite on paper
Teton Front Range
8x12 graphite on paper
The tributaries that flow into the Snake River abound in life and color.
Teton Stream
8x12 graphite on paper
This drawing attempts to capture the character of the central New Mexico landscape.
Truchas Foothills
8x12 graphite on paper
A view toward Long's Peak from the trail to Nymph Lake.
View of Long's Peak
8x12 graphite on paper
Ranches and horse farms give witness to love of the animal.
Winter Pasture--Basalt, CO
8x12 graphite on paper
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